Chicken core on the way, or Nah?

Just like you we have been asking the same question, “Where is the Chicken Core movie and what has sporedust been up to?”. So we took a ride out into town to the Sporedust Cave and we came back with some news. See what we came back with

Well, nothing much… show that is as we were not allowed to take pictures or collect any of the cool videos we saw.

Actually we are not allowed to share any of the awesome stuff we saw either…..well until June when all will be revealed. (These guys are soooooooo secretive and they keep smiling with you)

Yeah, we aren’t joking. One thing we can say is that Sporedust is very much alive and kicking and you will get to see some cool stuff from them come June. The team has become lean but are baddass mean now as they have some new guys on the team.

And yes, we will have some COMICPANEL exclusives when the time comes. We had a nice time talking with all the guys and seeing all the cool stuffs we saw ranging from short films to music videos to some cool client suff they are working on but we cant reveal.

Well, at least we tried to get you the scoop. So till the real scoop appears, enjoy this Chicken Core Video which was first premiered at the 2012 Lagos Comic Con event in Ikeja, lagos


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